April Assembly
Date: 2019-04-11

After Tomb Sweeping Holiday, students and teachers gathered in the auditorium for April Assembly. First of all, Justin, a MYP-4 student, sang an English song for us. Secondly, Ms. Lisa Lucas, MYP Coordinator,  introduced this month’s LP attribute “Open-minded”. Then two students from MUN CAS group Vicky Li and Sera Wang gave a brief introduction about Model United Nations (MUN) and their latest trip to HMUN Conference in Beijing. After that, Mr. McCarter, Athletic Director, came to stage and introduced the upcoming CISA events and presented the trophy to the students and coach Mr. Varga who took the first place in CISA Math Ball Competition. In the end, certificates were presented to students who best represented last month’s attribute “ Risk-taker” and trophies and medals were also given to students who won good prizes in Sports Meet.


We hope student could keep making progress in the following months.