On Nov.5th, IB programs hold the monthly assembly in the auditorium
Date: 2018-11-07

 On Nov.5th, IB programs hold the monthly assembly in the auditorium. In order to deepen the cohesion of IB Programs, the leadership team has decided to have an assembly on the first Monday of every month, where we can talk about upcoming events, present some wonderful learning experience, and celebrate students’ recent accomplishments. We will also focus on IB learner profile, and let teachers nominate a student from each grade level who exemplifies the attribute during this month, and give the award to the students in the following assembly. 

 Caring has been chosen as the theme of  November. Looking back on the performance of students in classroom learning and extracurricular activities last month, our middle school boy's soccer team, high school girl's volleyball team and the short story writers in MYP English literature class exemplified caring either in their games or in their works.

 We believe this practice will not only deepens the students' understanding of IB learner profile, but also is an effective way for students to become practitioners of IB education.