Physical Education Dance Clinic 2014
Date: 2014-10-16

On October 15, 2014, the elementary program of Meishi International Programs had the 1st Physical Education Dance Clinic in the auditorium. Elementary students, teachers, staff, and parents were invited to this event. The dance clinic was planned and scheduled by Ms. Guia Senorin with the help and support from the dance teacher, Ms. Cherry Anne Senorin-nambong who is a volunteer teacher and choreographer.

At this event, Mr. Thomas Liu, Ms. Kathleen Richardson, and Ms. Jennifer Jiang were the judges. Ms. Julie Zhu was on the board of judges & criteria. At the very beginning of the event, Ms. Guia Senorin made an introduction. After that, Grades 1&2 put on a great opening performance. After Ms. Richardson delivered the opening remarks, the contest began.

In the auditorium, there were many rounds of applause for the performances by Grade 5, Grades 3&4,and Grade 2. Our elementary students had practiced a lot since September 1 and they worked so hard at their performances. After the contest, awards and certificates were given to best male and female dancers. Grade 5 won the 3th prize; Grade 2 won the 2nd prize; the champion was Grades 3 & 4. The champion danced again and showed their appreciation. After that, Mr. Liu gave his closing remarks. Eventually, each group of dancers and their teachers had a group photo.

It was a great day for our students, parents, and teachers. Students felt rewarded since they worked very hard at practicing the performances. They also know that it is very important to share happiness with others.