Meishi Hosts 2014-2015 CISA Cross-Country Meet
Date: 2014-10-10

On September 25,2014, Meishi hosted the Chengdu International Schools Association (CISA) Cross-Country races. The event involved about 230 runners from the five CISA member schools and home school. This year’s races ranged in distance from 1.5km to 3.7km across six age divisions. All the participants exhibited outstanding running talent throughout the afternoon to the shouts and cheers of parents, staff, and fellow competitors.

Jelly Wang finished 3rd in the primary division (Under 7 Y.O.). Jiayang Zhang finished 3rd in the primary division (Under 9 Y.O.). Isabelle Du finished 3rd (Under 13 Y.O.). Timothy Ma finished 3rd (Under 15 Y.O., boy's team); Linda Dong finished 2nd and Masae Nasu finished 3rd (Under 15 Y.O., girl's team). Gione Garcia finished 2nd (Under 19, boy's team). Emiri Fujimoto finished 3rd (Under 19 Y.O., girl's team).