Contemporary Art Workshop
Date: 2014-04-17

On April 16, 2014, Mrs. Analia Canosa, the mother of four students at our International Programs, organized and taught a Contemporary Art Workshop to our elementary students in the lower school art room of the International Programs building. Mrs. Canosa is "a painter and has participated in many art exhibitions around Europe and South America. She has a talent/skill and would like to share her expertise with our children in a fun way".
During the workshop, 31 elementary students used different colors of paint to draw on the plasterboards of different shapes. Mrs. Canosa and Ms. Judy provided students with guidance and they let student decide whichever color of paint they might choose to use. Our students used different colors on their paints in a very creative way and created very beautiful artworks.
It was a good time for students to learn something new and the workshop enhanced the relationship and communication between parents, students, and teachers.