MSU Visit
Date: 2011-10-19

On October 17, 2011, Ms. Elizabeth Blanchford, International Programs Specialist at Montana State University (MSU), was invited to Chengdu Meishi International School at the auditorium of the International Programs building to give a presentation about how to apply for MSU. Ms. Blanchford gave a general introduction of the learning environment in and out of the city, which interested a lot of students.

P.S.: MSU was founded in 1893 as the state's land-grant college, and named the Agricultural College of the State of Montana. Later renamed the Montana College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, by the 1920s it was commonly referred to as Montana State College (MSC). Montana State University has recently made a name for itself as "the University of Yellowstone," for its extensive research and scholarly activities concerning the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Montana State University has received more than five times the number of National Science Foundation grants for Yellowstone studies than its nearest competition, Stanford and UCLA, according to David Roberts, head of MSU's ecology department.