Welcome from Head of School


Dear Students,

Welcome to the IB Programs of Meishi!

The IB Programs of our school, adhering to the IB philosophy, making innovative breakthroughs and keeping pace with the times, is committed to providing high-quality international education. 

Here, you can feel the charm of the integration of the Chinese and western education; you can not only appreciate national culture, but also enhance the understanding of cross-culture; you can have a various opportunities to develop your interests and enhance your potential comprehensively; you can learn how to think critically and creatively, and you can gain the corresponding skills and attitudes to carry out meaningful action, and truly understand the meaning of" building a better world". 

Of course, in order to achieve the goal of balanced development, you need to make extra efforts. At this young age of your life, it is the best time to fight for success. I hope you keep your dream in heart, and have your feet on the ground. Read more, exercise more, think more, and practice more,  and you will ultimately have a plentiful harvest in learning .

I believe that you, with unremitting efforts, will definitely become the pride of Meishi!

Athena Liu
Principal of IB